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high-carbon steel sheet
·available size
·automatic transmission parts
·auto spare parts
·timing chain
·seat belt & seat parts
·and door-related components
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rolled carbon steel plate is a good rolling annealing technology, is scheduled to reach the hardness and therefore have a strong resistance, high hardness characteristics, so as to extend the service life of the product. high-cold-rolled carbon steel knife is now widely used in stationery industry, the industry saw blade, automotive and other industries, end-users can effectively reduce production costs.

  spec. & available size  
new standard
k handling (standard)
carbon content (%)
sk140 sk1 1.30~1.50
sk120 sk2 1.15~1.25
sk105 sk3 1.00~1.10
sk95 sk4 0.90~1.00
sk90   0.85~0.95
sk85 sk5 0.80~0.90
sk80   0.75~0.85
sk75 sk6 0.70~0.80
sk70   0.65~0.75
sk65 sk7 0.60~0.70
sk60   0.55~0.65
available size
[ clutch disc ] [ clutch cover ]
type : sk85, s70c
function: convey or cut off power transmission
type :50crv4, sncm220, s50c
[ safety cap] [tape measure]
function : toe-cap ( shoes inner parts)
type: sae1050, sae1055
function: tapeline
type:s50c, sk85, sk95
[ cutter ] [ spring ]
function: cutter
type: sk105
function: spring
type: sk85
[ shank ] [ hose clamp ]
function: secure soft tube on the other tubes
such as gas tube
type: sk85 & sup10
heat treatment : austempering
  automatic transmission parts  

auto spare parts

[detent spring]] [disc spring] [retainer rings]
uses: metal components of the 
the use of steel:sk85 
use:auto t/m 
the use of steel:sk85
 the use of steel:sk85 
[wave washer] [snap ring]
the use of steel:sk85
heat treatment:austempering
 uses: engine t/m hole, shaft    
 the use of steel:sk85 – heat treatment:austempering
[driven plate] [ring gear plate]
uses: used in transmission
the use of steel:s70c 
the use of steel:s45c
   auto spare parts  
[kick down drum] [rev. clutch hub] [od clutch hub]
type : the wearing resistance of sphd, sphf is not so good as of high-carbon
steel. so more and more customers choose the latter material at present.
[drive plate] [adapter plate] [friction gear]
the use of steel:sk85 & sup10
heat treatment:austempering
purposes: to support the disk drivedrive plate
the use of steel:sk85 
purposes: to reduce the engine sound
the use of steel:sk85 
heat treatment:austempering 
[timing chain]
  timing chain  
(timing chain)the type of timing chain and the use of steel
 roller chain
type:s50c, sae1050, sae1055, sae1070, sae1552
 silent chain
イメージ id=000002
type:scm415 wire
  seat belt & seat parts  
[lock gear,lock plate] [upper tooth, lower tooth, cam lever]
steel:s45c, s55c fine blanking
  and door-related components  
fine blankingfine blanking)
purposes: the use of rods can increase the impact of the safety car. doors installed in the vehicles internal.
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