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copper plate
·production process and the scope of production
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coppertites and strip produced on the continuous electrolytic copper plating line. it offers unique versatility to its users. this material has beautiful and smooth-surface. it ensures customers not only economy,but also freedom from the the troublesome copper-plating operations which include handling of cyanide solutions in their workshops and related pollution problems.coppertite is widely used in various industries,including automobiles manufacturing, due to its high quality and unique properties.

  product features  
1.electrolytic copper plating

① electroplated copper has a smooth uniform surface.
② differential plating is avaliable at customer's request.


① coppertite processes a self-brazing property.

② it can be soldered easily.

③ it is suited for use as a base material for futher plating of other metals.

④ it prevents unwanted hardening when additional local carburizing is performed after the metal parts are fabricated.

⑤ it has the effect of lubricant for press dies.

⑥ copper film has excellent conductivity.

3.environmental protection material
coppertite is a kind of pre-plating material. it can be used immediately without any cyanide pollution.

  production process and the scope of production  
manufacturing process
the scope of production
applications (sus304,430)
1. tubes
coppertite is widely used in making double-wall tubes, such as automobiles brake tubes, lubricating oil tubes and refrigerator condensers. copper is a metal readily joined since it is of face-centered cubic lattice and is low in activation energy required for self-diffusion. furthermore, the melting point of copper is 1083℃, lower than that of steel. therefore, coppertite is best suited for roll-forming and self-brazing in the furnace for double-wall tube making. and fixtures
coppertite is used in various metal parts, bearings and fixtures.
3.electrical and electronic parts
coppertite is used in transistor parts, boosters, grounding(earthing) parts, addition, it can be ground off locally when partial car-burizig is needed, and can be used in applications where blocking of carburizing is required. such as bathroom scale parts, knife edges, cash register parts and bicycle hubs.
5.miscellaneous metal goods

coppertite is widely used in various metal goods,including fasteners,buckles and buttons. after being shaped into a desired form, this material is usually plated with nickel or chromium.

k handling (standard)
nickel plated
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